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Buying your bit of English Countryside

The English countryside is so peaceful and quiet why wouldn’t you like to buy yourself a small slice of it? Whether for use it as your family home or just somewhere to go for the weekends to relax from the stresses of work, the countryside is perfect!

Whilst wondering around the internet we came across this lovely property, a Grade II listed Manor House for sale. It has almost a small castle feel about the outside of the main building. Not quite as big as Aldourie Castle in Scotland but very nice nevertheless. Located in Hampshire it is also quite close to London.

The inside décor isn’t to everyone’s taste but then why buy a house if you don’t need to put your stamp on it? We think a little modernisation it would look great, have a look at Carr Hall Castle they transformed their property into something beautiful from a little TLC and probably a lot of hard work.

Not only is there the main manor house but there is also extra barns which have been converted and look to be of a high standard too. There’s also plenty of places to park the Rolls too!

I guess we should include the price for the Manor House, it is currently on the market (21st May 2013) for £4,000,000.