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Stylish Gifts for The Man Who Has It All

Mens Gifts

Trying to find a gift for The Man Who Has It All is a quandary that many of us face at birthdays, holidays, and various other times throughout the year. You want any gift you give to stand out as refined, classy, and current without seeming obsequious, yet you cannot think of a single thing that you might give The Man Who Has It All that he likely does not already have. Gift giving to someone who has the means to have pretty much anything he wants is indeed a unique kind of a challenge, although not an insurmountable one. Let the following three categorical suggestions inspire you, and hopefully provide you with a bit of guidance the next time you find yourself in a similar situation.

Sporting Gifts

Sporting gifts are a popular choice for a lot of men, though it is imperative that you do your research ahead of time and discover what the giftee’s preferences are for sporting equipment and/or apparel before you commit. Generally, it is advisable to stick to something pragmatic; something that every sportsman would use in his chosen pursuit no matter what the trends may be. Examples of this are leather-bound fishing or game books to use on a hunt or fly-fishing expedition, or perhaps a specially-engraved sterling pen, flask, and key ring perfectly-sized to fit inside a golf bag.

Travel Gifts

A travel gift is one of the most useful gifts you can give a guy who is always on the go. But we’re not talking about inflatable neck pillows and velcro pouches that allow you to stash your passport and money under your clothes. No, the aim here is for straight-up luxury, pure and simple. Leather travel portfolios, carry-ons, and document cases all make fantastic gifts for the experienced business traveller. Of course, there is always the reassurance with smaller travel gift items that even if they never get used, they are easy for a man to re-gift at a later date. But buyer beware; when shopping for leather goods, look for quality. The Man Who Has It All will be able to tell the difference between something that is truly well made and something that is not.

Ordinary Yet Luxurious Gifts

If the man you are gifting lives in a rainy climate, a hand-carved solid stick umbrella is a useful gift, as is a cashmere scarf. Those that spend a lot of time commuting to and from work might love a quality custom laptop case or monogrammed iPad sleeve. And if you still aren’t sure what the Man Who Has It All might like, there is always the option of a complimentary night out in a favourite restaurant, or even a simple gift card. Though there are those who feel that such things as dinners out or gift cards are not necessarily a personal enough touch, they are a sure-fire way to ensure that The Man Who Has It All will not end up as The Man Who Has Two of Everything.