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An Introduction to Gloucestershire

You won’t believe how much there is to discover in the beautiful county of Gloucestershire…

A Quick Reference Guide to Shopping in the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds are known the world over for their unparalleled beauty, unique saxon architecture, and rich history. However, for those who may want to engage […]

The Origin of Cotswold Stone

It is often said that the most striking distinguishing characteristic of the beautiful Cotswold region in England is the prevalence of the beautiful light-coloured limestone […]

The Hidden Gems of the Cotswolds: Painswick, Woodstock, and Northleach

If you’re looking to book a luxury cottage for your upcoming holiday, look no further than the Cotswolds. Nestled in a cosy corner of south-west […]

A Keen Gardener’s Paradise: The Cotswolds

For the gardening enthusiast, there is perhaps no place more enticing for a summer holiday than the Cotswolds. The rolling green hills of the Cotswolds […]

The Late Summer Festivities of the Cotswolds

For those  thinking of taking  their summer holidays within the UK this year, the Cotswolds should definitely appear close to the top of the list. […]

The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of the British Stately Home

The term stately home is one that you hear used quite a lot in conversation, most often as a descriptive term. The origin of the […]