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Booking a Photographer for your Hen Night

While you have undoubtedly spent hours scouring the internet to find the perfect photographer for your wedding day, it is likely that you haven’t thought a great deal about booking a photographer for your hen night. Yet the special moments of a hen night can be just as important as your big day, and so it is just as important to ensure that your last hurrah as a single woman is professionally captured on film. This is particularly true as your hen night is probably going to be littered with some extensive memory blanks!


Having a professional photographer accompany you for the majority of your hen night couldn’t be simpler. There are myriad of freelancers, collectives and media companies more than ready to accommodate for your needs. In the larger cities in the UK, particularly in the hen night hotspots of Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Newcastle, a simple Google search can yield a swathe of independently listed freelancers. A normal price to pay for a good quality photographer is around £50/hour, not including any work on the images, although price varies with quality. To get a gauge on what you are paying for, better and invariably more expensive photographers will have a portfolio available online.


However, simply having someone follow you around on a wild night out is not the only way to immortalise your hen party. There is a growing business for more interesting and memorable activities to do with your friends and family on your hen night than simply hitting the bars (although there’s no reason that you can’t do both), one of which is having a party based around photography.


Photography parties


Polestarz of London are offering a ‘Makeover and Photo-shoot’ party package, in which you and your friends get the full makeover beauty treatment before getting in front of the camera in their professional studio. This could be the perfect way to start off your hen night or weekend; if nothing else, everyone is sure to be looking their best after an hour or two with the make-up artists. For under £50 (minimum ten people), you get a three-hour make-up artist and photo-shoot experience, digital image delivery, and drinks in the studio. If you are set on doing a memorable activity with your friends and on having some pictures of you at your best, then this could be a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

Photography Parties Photo shoots

Photo shoots

This sort of package is available from many studios across the UK; each offers a slightly different service. Some places create a much more convincing party atmosphere than others, while some cater specifically for hen nights (naughty party bags, balloons and so-on). Add-ons such as Champagne, a nail service, and hair styling can be purchased at several studios. With so much variety, be sure to shop around for the right package for you. As usual, similar outfits operating just outside the capital in can be arranged for almost half the price of London studios. If you are willing to travel, it might therefore be worth venturing out.


Those of you looking for a rather more unconventional hen weekend activity, yet still keen to have some professional photographs taken, are also sure to be amazed at what’s on offer.


Hounded by the ‘paps’


For just a few hundred pounds, you can hire your very own paparazzi team to give your party the genuine red carpet treatment. They may be the bane of every celebrity’s life, but a night spent being ‘papped’ can be very fun and exciting, and it is certainly something that your friends will have difficulty forgetting.

Paparazzi Hen Party

Paparazzi follow you everywhere!

Specialist providers are dedicated to creating a convincing experience while delivering high-quality photography for you and your guests; unlike the real paparazzi, these photographers will make sure that you come out looking your best. However, do expect surprise shots and any embarrassing moments to be captured in true paparazzi style! Extra special packages can be arranged, some of which include crazed fans desperate to get their photograph taken with you and your friends. Again, you would be amazed what is available, so do shop around and find the package and provider that best suits your expectations.

Paparazzi Hen Party

Get followed around by the Paparazzi!

This is, of course, just one example of the many possible party themes that go hand-in-hand with top-quality photography. If you can’t find a provider already set up to make your ideas happen, calling a studio and discussing what you have in mind can be very fruitful. Photographers are, in general, very versatile and accommodating. Whatever way you want to capture your hen weekend with your closest friends and family, there will definitely be someone ready to oblige.


Elysian Estates Concierge service caters for all types of special options to help make your event one to remember. Or just give us a call and let us know what you are looking for.