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Virtual Luxury Estate Builder Job

First off we would like to thank everyone who applied for this position with Elysian Estates.

There was a little confusion about the position which I would quickly like to clear up. We were looking for someone to join our team here at Elysian Estates to create virtual versions of our luxury properties, it was not however a competition of who could create the best virtual property. We were looking for a full-time employee who would work every day in our offices in Cheltenham and not someone who would work from home, this was very important for us.

The job specification was extremely clear on this and you can see the original job post HERE.

We would like to thank everyone who sent their job applications with their ‘test’ run¬†of virtual versions of Aldourie Castle, some of them were amazing!! Truly well done!

That said we couldn’t employ everyone and we have made the hard choice and we now have our new team member fully installed!

So keep your eyes open for future Virtual Elysian Estates properties, we have some very exciting ideas!