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The Most Exclusive Private Member’s Clubs in London – Part 2

Continuing from Part 1 of The Most Exclusive Private Member’s Clubs in London, here are our top 3!

3. Amika

A more nightclub-centred vibe that emphasizes its own unique brand of “modish upscale house” music, Amika is a sleek and modern London club experience that hosts some seriously high-profile names. With skilled professional mixologists and multiple floors of varying decor and different entertainment, Amika provides an unforgettable night out for even the most discerning of guests, making it hugely popular with A-list celebrities, socialites, and high-profile artists. Those who are interested in obtaining a membership must set up an appointment to speak with the director of memberships; that is, provided they can get past the first phone call.

2. Annabel’s

Some say that Annabel’s has set the standard when it comes to private members’ clubs. Its understated entrance belies what lies beneath, which is one of the most storied private members-only clubs in London. Clientele include young royals, celebrities, and members of the fashion pack, and a historical list of who’s who of Hollywood royalty. To become a member, you must be proposed and seconded by two existing members of the club, and accepted by a membership committee for approval.

1. Tramp

Tramp, a London members-only club named after the similarly-named Charlie Chaplin character, is a Mecca for all types, from the international jet set, to celebrities, royalty, and equity traders. Founded in 1969, this exclusive club hosts a waiting list nearly as long as it’s who’s who list of members. Decorated in the style of an old-fashioned drawing room at a gentleman’s club, Tramp boasts 17th-century wood panelling and chandeliers, spectacular frescoed ceilings, and an elegantly-appointed bar, lounge, restaurant, disco, and smoking terrace. To become a member, you must be proposed and seconded by two existing members, and approved by the Membership Committee.