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Why it is important to book luxury property in the UK early

Why it is important to book early. Short amount of properties and more and more people with money.

lots of people with money.

It wasn’t that long ago when booking your holiday or weekend break that you could leave the booking until the last minute. I guess with the recession in full swing we were not too comfortable committing ourselves too early on. Well it seems, dare we say it we might be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

It certainly looks this way for luxury property rental for exclusive stays, the industry is now seeing the very best luxury properties being booked up years in advance. With a mixture of more people in the world who have the finances to be able to hire these exclusive properties and the amount of ‘real’ 5 star properties available in the UK the availability might get worse.

The main reasons why booking an exclusive stay property should NOT be left until the last minutes:

    • 1 – There are only so many luxury properties in the UK.


    • 2 – Year on year there are more people with large disposable finances.


    3 – Elysian Estates offers discounts for bookings more than 12 months in advance

Elysian Estates properties are selected to meet our very high standard of service and quality, it is not just the property you hire but whole experience. That is why we visit EVERY property to ensure they are up to standard.

If you are thinking about booking a property more than 12 months in advance call today and we will explain the extra discounts you will receive.