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A Keen Gardener’s Paradise: The Cotswolds

For the gardening enthusiast, there is perhaps no place more enticing for a summer holiday than the Cotswolds. The rolling green hills of the Cotswolds […]

The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of the British Stately Home

The term stately home is one that you hear used quite a lot in conversation, most often as a descriptive term. The origin of the […]

This Year, Rent a Luxury Cottage in the Cotswolds

Renting a luxury cottage for a summer getaway is something that has been steadily increasing in popularity over the past decade. In fact, between the […]

Luxury Property: The Scottish Castle or the Manor – Should I buy or should I rent?

Not a question most people have to answer granted however the question does get asked. We have spoken to several people in the past who […]

Buying your bit of English Countryside

The English countryside is so peaceful and quiet why wouldn’t you like to buy yourself a small slice of it? Whether for use it as […]

The Most Expensive Homes in the UK

We’ve searched the length and breadth of the UK to find some of the most desirable residences for sale, from historic manors to modern mansions, […]